Who are you?

Sheperd’s Neck Point LLC, 33 South Endicott Place, Montauk, 11954. Email us at pippippip737@gmail.com or call 862 -330-0969 for customer service.

What are Incredibowl m420 and i420 pipes?

The m420 is a handheld pipe, a portable, pocket-sized bong, compact version of the i420. The annular purge carb brings cool air into the shatterproof polycarbonate body to satisfy your smoking experience.

How do I use the Incredibowl m420?

Remove the bowl from the armor, tightly pack it, replace. Tilt slightly and light in front of the bowl. Draw. Pause. Pull the bowl armor, exposing the carb and clear.

Do you have a terms, privacy policy and refund/return policy?

Yes, we have Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy you should to read before purchasing and here’s our refund/return policy.

What is the shipping method?

Ground shipping is the default, typical delivery date is 3-6 days. If you want expedited shipping please contact us.

How do I clean an Incredibowl pipe?

Disassemble, soak in isopropyl alcohol and scrub with a soft bristle brush. You can find more detailed instructions in the user manual below.

Where can I get an Incredibowl m420?

Local head shops might stock them, if you’re lucky, but you can always order one direct from us here at pippippip.com. You should expect to pay more locally than online.

Where can I get an Incredibowl i420

Same answer as above! We have them in stock or you might find one at your local shop.

Where can I buy an incredibowl i420 or m420 with cryptocurrency?

Right here!

Is this site legit, or is it a scam? Who are you and where did you get these pipes?

Yes we are legitimate resellers, friends of Incredibowl and authorised resellers. We bought the pipes direct from Incredibowl.

Any age restrictions?

Yes, you must be 21 to purchase any product.

Where do you deliver to?

Mainland USA. If you live elsewhere please contact us and we’ll see if we can help out. We should be able to deliver some in the UK later this year. Place your order now!

Is there a user manual for the m420?

Yes, here:m420 user manual